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All instructors who pass our program are certified by one of the fasted growing Kapap organisations today. Our senior trainers have professionaly recognised qualifications from the Military, Police, Close Protection and other recognised organisations. We pride ourself on quality, reality and the ability to teach to a high standard. We have been teaching for over 5 years with Kapap clubs opening all over the World. If you want to be onboard contact us today for more information.

Our Kapap (Assistant | Coach ) courses are limited to small groups. We prefer to focus on quality and long term development of our Instructors. Our growth and reputation has been built on the quality of our instructors. Our Kapap Instructors are able to teach not only Kapap but a broad range of martial arts systems due to their individual experiences and previous training.

Our (Instructors), receive updates and training at every instructor course. We supply an online forum for information. We offer club support and private training as well as inter-club training. Each instructor can be tailored individually, to meet his/her needs.