Adrian started his love of Martial Arts back in the 1970’s in the UK.  When he was a late teen he moved to Israel where he studied Karate attending competitions and courses led by Dr Rony Kluger, Max Azuly, amongst other great instructors at that time, many of them at the famous Wingate Sports Institute.

IDF Army service saw Adrian introduced to Military Combat Krav Maga,  where he became an accomplished practitioner and weapons expert .
After leaving the Army, Adrian dedicated himself to honing his love of Karate, Jujitsu and Krav Maga, studying under several organisational heads and leading and instructing classes in different locations around the World.

In 2011, Adrian founded his own respected organisation, (BKA) Global Kapap.  Today, Adrian’s network of clubs can be found in many locations around the UK and across Europe where he regularly teaches seminars to fellow Instructors and students alike.  His main emphasis has always been on reality training with simple and easy to learn protocols, quick and effective techniques.

Adrian’s hunger to continually learn, with the mantra “Sometimes an Instructor, always a student” has seen him affiliate his organisation to the IKF in Israel, which keeps his methods close to the source and is indeed a fully qualified Senior Instructor for the IKF.

* Registered Instructor Kapap
* Registered Instructor Krav Maga
* Founder and Chief Instructor Global Kapap
* 5th Dan - Founder and Chief Instructor 'S.K.D.A.'
* Registered Member of the British Combat Association
* Advanced DBS Checked
* Sports First Aid Qualified

Since starting (BKA) Global Kapap Network in 2011 it has been introduced into and taught in many countries around the globe:

Countries Include:
United Kingdom | United States | South Africa | Indonesia | Portugal | Belgium | Italy
Sicilly | Austria | Poland | Germany | Israel | Sri Lanka