Adrian Valman joined the IDF at the end of the 1980’s. He started training in martial arts back in the 70’s. Since leaving the army Adrian has taught and studied in many countries around the world under different organisations as an accomplished teacher. While serving in the military he was taught a very basic form of Self Defence. While living in Israel, Adrian had the opportunity to train in Karate under Sensei Moshe Galisko directly under Sensei T. Okuyama, attending courses at Wingate Sports Institute under, Dr Rony Kluger, Max Azuly, amongst other great instructors at that time, Adrian also traveled around Israel attending many dojo's attempting to understand and study reality self defence.  

After he left Israel and returned to the UK he carried on his studies in Karate, Krav Maga and also took up Kodenkan Jujitsu.  Since founding the (BKA) Global Kapap in 2011 he has strived to improve his understanding of martial arts and reality training. Today Adrian carries on his teaching and thrives on learning, after Joining forces with the IKF he once again feels the need to get back on the mats and update his skills and understanding of how reality self defence is changing for modern times.

* Registered Instructor Kapap
* Registered Instructor Krav Maga
* Founder and Chief Instructor Global Kapap
* 5th Dan - Founder and Chief Instructor 'S.K.D.A.'
* Registered Member of the British Combat Association
* Advanced DBS Checked
* Sports First Aid Qualified

Since starting (BKA) Global Kapap Network in 2011 it has been introduced into and taught in many countries around the globe:

Countries Include:
United Kingdom | United States | South Africa | Indonesia | Portugal | Belgium | Italy
Sicilly | Austria | Poland | Germany | Israel | Sri Lanka